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Some information

In 1970 i was born as the youngest son of Johan and Gerda.

In July 2004 i bought an appartment in Zaandam where i live in the area named 't Kalf.

If you are in the neigbourhood, you are welcome to Hollandsch Diep 171. It's nearby the Zaanse Schans (open all year).

To get an impression of my house take a look here.



You do like this website or you do not. If you like it, i will be pleased if you send me an email.

If you do not like it, send me the address of your homepage. I will examine it closely.



This site is sponsered by Albert Heijn because they are paying my salary. For they who are interested: i work for Albert, the home delivery service from Albert Heijn, Etos and Gall&Gall. Take a look.



Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.